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mathrubhumi – mathrubhumi latest news – mathrubhumi news live:

               In this article we are going to know about in detail on the Most Popular Magazine from Kerala – mathrubhumi. To tell you in brief, It is one of the famous Mouthpiece of India’s freedom Movement. From its start It, has a strong subscriber base not only in Kerala, but also in other states of India, and abroad.

               Mathrubhumi is one of the leading Magazine, Newspapers in Malayalam which offers the content online in English as well. It is one of the famous and leading newspapers and Magazine in Kerala.

Let us now go in to detailed information on this newspaper and magazine by knowing the details as below:

  • When Mathrubhumi started
  • Who started Mathrubhumi?
  • What is the purpose of starting this Newspaper OR Mathrubhumi Latest News (Mathrubhumi Breaking News)?
  • Brief note on the Mathrubhumi, a Leading Malayalam newspaper and magazine
  • ‘mathrubhumionline’ Milestones so far
  • Mathrubhumi publications (Mathrubhumi news live)
  • Awards and accolades – Mathrubhumi
  • Mathrubhumi advertisement tariff
  • Mathrubhumi e-Magazine (Mathrubhumi news paper today in Malayalam)
  • Mathrubhumi e-Books (Mathrubhumi news paper today in Malayalam)
  • Mathrubhumi Mobile Apps, to stay updated on latest Malayalam news
  • Stay online with Mathrubhumionline

When Mathrubhumi started:

               Mathrubhumi is one of the most popular Malayalam newspaper, magazine. It first started in the year 1923, and its first circulation of copy published on 18th of March, 1923. It was the day before the day of first arrest of Mahatma Gandhi by the then British Police.

               It was the days of freedom struggle and to voice out the opinions of many Indian, It helped a lot, which not only lead in trusted news but also voiced opinions of many others from the day it has stared its first publication. The Editor of this newspaper when it was first stared was K.P Kesava Menon, and its Managing Director was MadhavanNair.

               During the struggle of freedom for India from British, It Played a pivotal role in voicing out the opinions of many freedom fighters. In the Initial days, the newspaper was published a week and has only one edition from the city of Kozhikode (Calicut).

Who started Mathrubhumi?

            Started as a newspaper based out in Kerala, the Mathrubhumi became a leading newspaper and become an inalienable part of social fabric of Kerala. It first started its publication on 18th of March, 1923. The Editor in chief was K.P Kesava Menon, and its Managing Director was MadhavanNair.

What is the purpose of starting Newspaper OR Mathrubhumi Latest News (Mathrubhumi Breaking News)?

               Mathrubhumi is one of the popular newspapers and magazine publications in Kerala. Started in the year 1923 on 18th of March, with one Publication per week from Kozhikode (Calicut), it has now expanded to Sixteen editions. 10 Editions are from Kerala, One each from Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi. One each from International locations like Dubai and Doha. It has a strong subscriber base and has impressively circulated over 1.5 million copies. It provides mathrubhumi latest news coverage with detailed and in-dept analysis.

               During the times of 1923, the is a freedom movement and voices of the freedom fighters are strongly followed by fellow Indians who fought for Indian freedom. In these scenarios there is no newspaper or publication which supported voices of Indian Freedom fighters. There were Malayalam newspapers like Kerala Patrika, Kerala Sanchari, Kozhikodan Manorama and Mithavadi. There were English publications like Champion, Spectator and West Coast Reformer, but none of them supported the voices of Indian freedom fighters and Indian National Congress, these publications majorly supported the British Rule in those days.

               During those times, there is much need for a newspaper that will voice out opinions of freedom fighters and congress. Kesava Menon felt need for a pro-freedom movement publication to voice out opinions of freedom fighters, he was then Secretary of Kerala Congress Committee. Kesava Menon along with K. Madhavan Nair, K. Kesavan Nair, P. Achuthan and Kuroor Neelakandan started the Malayalam Printing and Publishing company named Mathrubhumi with a authorized capital fund of 1,00,000 Rupees in 20,000 Shares of 5 Rupees per share. The registration of the company happened in the year 1922 with collected amount of Rs. 15,000/-

Brief note on the Mathrubhumi, a Leading Malayalam newspaper and magazine:

            K. Madhavan Nair was the first Managing director of the company initially after some months he resigned from his position and K.P. Kesava Menon took over from him. Later on, personalities like P. Ramunni Menon, K. Kelappan, P. Narayanan Nair, C.H. Kunjappa, V.M Nair, K. A Damodaran Menon and were served as Editors of the paper. There are many good publications which not only won hearts of Indian Subscribers but also many followed to read this newspaper. It, later acquired a press called Empress Victoria Press in the month of November in the year 1922.

               During the freedom struggle, ‘Mathrubhumi latest news’ stood as voicing tools of many freedom fighters and Indian National Congress which supported the National Movement with a strong message. The voicing favored the freedom fighters by voicing out a strong message on the national movement and won hearts of many Indians and later It became very popular among commoners who struggled for Indian freedom movement.

               During the Freedom struggle, it was essential to voice out the true emotions that Indians had and the true news of what was happening during those times in India, the actions by Britishers on the Indians who fought for the Independence. It stood strong in writing the true and in conveying the message strongly to all, about the freedom struggle and the emotions the Indians had on leading and participating in the freedom struggle movements.

               Famous Poets like Vallathol Narayana Menon written columns during those days which conveyed patriotic feelings strongly to all, which inspired all the freedom fighters. It is through this newspaper and the columns poets used to write columns and express poetic patriotic feelings strongly to lead the freedom struggle and encourage the people participating in the freedom struggle with strong emotions. It is that time when it made its marks and never looked back from then.

               It played a pivotal role in the social reform movements like Guruvayur and Vaikom Sathyagraha. The voice out on the social discrimination happening in Kerala was strongly conveyed in writing in the publications. During the Vaikom Satyagraha on April 1st, 1924, there were strong writings in the Mathrubhumi against the social discriminations happening in Kerala.

               One more instance was during the Quit India Movement in 1942, this newspaper had to abandon the editorial column. The Government then, also banned Mathrubhumi for the publications on the Misbehaviors of European soldiers with kochi women. Later on, the strong protest government had to withdraw the orders on the ban.

One more Instance is, It had published series of articles on the dictatorship of the then Diwan Sir C.P Ramaswami Iyer. This led to Mathrubhumi Ban in Travancore region for almost nine years. From 1932 it started a weekly magazine named ‘Mathrubhumi Illustrated Weekly’. After these years, in 1940 magazine called Viswaroopam was launched, which is headed by editor M.R Nair. And a Hindi Magazine Yugaprabhat was launched which is a bi-monthly magazine, and the editor of this magazine was N.V. Krishna Warrier. Unfortunately, now these publications are not in print.

Few more publications were released in 1979, with name Grihalakshmi, an exclusive magazine for Kerala Women. For Movie lovers a magazine called Chitrabhumi was launched in 1932. And for Job Hunters Mathrubhumi launched magazine with the name Thozhilvartha in the year 1992. For spots lovers a magazine with the name, Mathrubhumi Sports Masika was launched, it is a monthly magazine. For kids and children, a special magazine called Balabhumi was launched in 1996. For Health, a magazine called Mathrubhumi Arogyamasika was released. For travel lovers a magazine with the name Mathrubhumi Yatra was lauched. Again, for kids a magazine called Mathrubhumi Minnaminni was lauched. For Cartoon lovers a magazine with the name Mathrubhumi Chithrakatha was launched. For celebrity news lovers a magazine with the name Mathrubhumi Star & Style was being published from the year 2013, which is a replacement for magazine, Chitrabhumi.

This newspaper entered the online world with the website for subscribers all over the world. It also ventured in to the television for the first time with the television channel, MBTV (Mathrubhumi Television). Not only this, It ventured into world of FM by launching CLUB FM in 2007. it also has following Television Channels: Mathrubhumi Music for music lovers, Mathrubhumi News for Malayalam news lovers and Kappa TV for entertainment lovers.

Mathrubhumi Milestones so far

            With the positive growth and never looking back strategy it has achieved a lot in the field of Newspaper, Magazine, FM and Television world and also by providing in-depth and detailed mathrubhumi latest news. When we look at different milestones it has achieved it is an incredible journey so far with the greatest achievements and milestones.

Milestone Milestone Date &Year
First Trice a week Publication 18th March, 1923
Slogan Published: Truth Equality Freedom 21st October, 1924
Daily Publications started 6th April, 1930
Mathrubhumi Illustrated Weekly 18th January, 1932
Mahatma Gandhi Visit to Kozhikode office 13th January, 1934
Jawaharlal Nehru Visit to Kozhikode office 28th December, 1955
Second Edition from Kochi 25th May, 1962
Grihalakshmi Magazine Published 1st July, 1979
Third Edition from Thiruvananthapuram 24th November, 1980
Chitrabhumi Magazine Published 11th April, 1982
Fourth Edition from Thrissur 16th July, 1992
Thozhilvartha Magazine Published 18th July, 1992
Fifth Edition from Kannur 13th May, 1993
Mathrubhumi Sports Masika Magazine Published 15th June, 1994
Sixth Edition from Kottayam 14th May, 1995
Balabhumi Magazine Published 1st May, 1996
Arogya Masika Magazine Published 19th February, 1997 launched 5th September, 1997
Seventh Edition from Malappuram 8th October, 2000
Eighth Edition from Kollam 1st December, 2000
Ninth Edition from Mumbai 19th February, 2002
Tenth Edition from Chennai 18th April, 2002
Eleventh Edition from Bangalore 22nd June, 2002
Twelfth Edition from Palakkad 22nd August, 2004
Thirteenth Edition from New Delhi 12th February, 2007
Fourteenth Edition from Alappuzha 30th May, 2010
Minnaminni Magazine Published 17th November, 2010
Cartoon Plus Magazine Published 23rd November, 2010
Mathrubhumi Year Book Plus English 1st January, 2011
New Printing Plant in Thiruvananthapuram 19th October, 2011
Mathrubhumi News Channel 23rd January, 2013
Kappa Channel 23rd February, 2013
15th Edition from Dubai 18th March, 2013
Mathrubhumi Star & Style Magazine Published 10th April, 2013
Mathrubhumi Dubai office 2nd September, 2013
New Printing Press at Manjummal 6th September, 2013
Mathrubhumi News Web Channel on Demand 8th September, 2013
Mathrubhumi New Insight technology adoption 1st November, 2013
Grihalakshmi Magazine Fortnightly 1st November, 2013
Hon. Ex-Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh Inaugurates Navathi Celebrations in Kochi 4th January, 2014
Inauguration of Renovated Book Stall at Kozhikode 8th March, 2014

Mathrubhumi publications (Mathrubhumi news live)

The Mathrubhumi Publications include the following:

  • Mathrubhumi Illustrated Weekly: This is one of the leading literary magazines in Kerala which is first published in the year 1932. This magazine mainly concentrates to project the literature in Malayalam for Malayalee’s. This magazine is collection of short stories, travelogues, Novels, Interviews, Novellas and more.
  • Grihalakshmi: Grihalakshmi is one of the top and best-selling magazines in Kerala for women. It is first published in the year 1979. This magazine covers the topics like, trends, fashion, beauty, self-improvement, health, entertainment and tastes. This is one of the popular magazines among women in Kerala and liked by many.
  • Star & Style: This magazine coves the news of celebrities, stars, trend, film and television. It covers in detail news on lifestyle, lifestyle of celebrities, photo shoots, makeup, gossips and filmy jokes and much more on South Indian Celebrities.
  • Thozhil Vartha: This magazine is a trend booster for the unemployment youth. This is the first employment paper in the Malayalam segment. It details on the career path for the young youth who wish career guidance. It also publishes articles on training and recruitment news for job seekers. It also provides career guidance for experienced youth. Not only this, it also provides how to succeed in exams through exam tips, model question papers and Job vacancies as well.
  • Mathrubhumi Sports Masika: Mathrubhumi Sports Masika is a monthly sports magazine which publishes sport contents and news related to sports events. It is first published in the year 1994. It not only provides sports news, but also give in-dept detailed reviews on sport events, news about sport stars, interviews and more.
  • Balabhumi: Balabhumi is one of the loved magazines for children. It engages children very much with its content published in a way children’s need. It is first published in 1996. It covers almost all aspects of children entertainment right from comics, stores, cartoons, series, proverbs etc. It is one of the most favorite children magazine.
  • Arogya Masika: Arogya Masika is a monthly magazine, first published in the year 1997. It covers the topics of health and well-being. It also covers details on health, heath tips, special columns from famous doctors, diet recommendations etc.
  • Mathrubhumi Yathra: Mathrubhumi Yathra is one of the first travel magazines published for Malayalee’s. It is first published in the year 2008. It covers every aspect of travel, travel destination information, travel guide information with beautiful pictures of travel locations etc.
  • Mathrubhumi Minnaminni: Mathrubhumi latest news Minnaminni is one of the famous magazines specially published for nursery and pre-primary kids. It is launched in the year 2010. It covers topics that will help nursery and pre-primary kids to develop learning skills and engage in new kind of learning. It consists of stories, small quizzes, puzzles, experiments in science, and contents etc.
  • Chithra Kadha: Mathrubhumi Chithra Kadha is a monthly magazine exclusively for Kids who are cartoon lovers. It is launched in the year 2010. It covers comics of stories, myths, horror, folklore and world classics.
  • Mathrubhumi GK & Current Affairs: It is a monthly magazine which covers GK and Current Affairs in different aspects. It mostly covers the engaging topics in General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Employment News etc. It also mostly covers the topics like quizzes which will help in preparing for civil services exams.

Awards and accolades – Mathrubhumi

               It Introduced Sahithya Puraskaram, from the year 2000, to recognize and award the exemplary contribution for Literary figures in Malayalam. From then, the below personalities have received this award for their out-standing contribution to literature.

Award Winner Year
Thikkodian 2000
M.V. Devan 2001
Pala Narayanan Nair 2002
O.V. Vijayan 2004
M.T. Vasudevan Nair 2005
M. Mukundan 2006
Akkitham 2007
Kovilan 2008
Vishnu Narayanan Namboorthiri 2009
Sukumar Azhikode 2010
Dr.M. Leelavathi 2011
Punathi Kunhabdulla 2012
Sugatha Kumari 2013
T. Padmanaban 2014
C. Radhakrishnan 2015
M.K. Sanu 2016
N.S. Madhavan 2018

Mathrubhumi advertisement tariff

            To advertise on this newspaper and magazine, there are different categories which carry different pricing options from different cities. The rates provided here are being revised at regular intervals. For the latest Rates and Advertisement tariffs you can refer to its official website “” and select the “Advertisement Tariffs” Section to view the latest rates.

 For Example, if we look at revised rates from 1-4-2019, the rates for the Mathrubhumi Daily Advertisement Tariff are having rates such as for:

  • Display Ads Example (B&W): Trivandrum Edition carries Display Advertisement of Normal B&W color INR. 430 Per square Centimeter.
  • Display Ads Example (Color): Trivandrum Edition carries Display Advertisement of Normal Color for INR. 780 Per Square Centimeter.
  • Personal Ads Example (Color): Trivandrum Edition carries Personal Ads Normal Color for INR> 265 Per Square Centimeter.
  • Classified Display Ads (B&W): Trivandrum Edition classified ads display B&W carries INR.300 Per Square Centimeter.
  • Classified Display Ads (Color): Trivandrum Edition classified display ads color carries INR. 470 Per Square Centimeter.
  • Financial/Political Ads (B&W): Trivandrum Edition financial or pollical B&W ads carries INR. 440 Per Square Centimeter.
  • Financial/Political Ads (Color): Trivandrum Edition financial or political Color ads carries INR. 875 Per Square Centimeter.
  • Classified ads: INR. 100 Per Word.

Please see below the details of different tariffs for different editions and for different types of ads. This Tariff is revised as on 1-4-2019. For latest Tariff and Charges, kindly always visit the official website of the Mathrubhumi on “” and select the “Advertisement Tariffs” Section to view the latest rates.


Mathrubhumi e-Magazine (Mathrubhumi news paper today in Malayalam)

               It offers e-Magazine for its huge subscriber base with so many different magazines. The details are as below:

  • Mathrubhumi Panchangam
  • GK & Current Affairs
  • Star & Style
  • Mathrubhumi Weekly
  • Grihalakshmi
  • Yathra
  • Arogya Masika
  • Sports Masika
  • Balabhumi
  • Minnaminni
  • Thozhil Vartha
  • Mathrubhumi Chithrakatha

Mathrubhumi e-Books: (Mathrubhumi news paper today in Malayalam)

It offers e-Books for its huge subscriber base with so many different Books. The details are as below:

  • Koprachevu
  • A Complete Handbook on Safety
  • Viseshaalprathi
  • Keralolpathy
  • Gandhipadangalil
  • Punarjanmam
  • Sathiyaparichayam
  • Lokacharithram
  • Keraleeswaran
  • Kesari nayanarude Krithikal
  • Irupathaam Noottandile
  • Kerala Mahacharithram
  • Gandiyan Kazhchakal
  • Keralapazhama
  • Karl Marx
  • Oru KoodiKazhcha
  • Ram Manohar Lohya enna

Mathrubhumi Mobile Apps, to stay updated on latest Malayalam news

Mathrubhumi Mobile Apps
Mathrubhumi Mobile Apps

               If you are technology geek, and not interested to buy magazines or browse the website no problem. It has wide range of Magazines ipad & Iphone apps. Though these apps are not directly provided by this website and these apps are created by third party developers, any issues in accessing the app can be contacted through app developers.

               Apps are available for the following:

Stay online with Mathrubhumionline

               So, now that you know what exactly is Mathrubhumi latest news and we have seen a detailed and in-depth review of this website. This website helps its subscribers to stay up to date by offering wide range of newspapers and magazines. It not only offers newspapers, magazines, but also offers the content online through e-books. Also, It offers wide range of iPad and iPhone apps through third party developers.

               So, never late and no issues if you have not visited the Mathrubhumi latest news being a Malayalee. We recommend you to always visit Mathrubhumi official website at and stay up to date about the regular and detailed news.

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